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Advertising Costs

Marketing your home with Ray White Chermside can make a difference to the outcome you achieve.

As the largest property advertiser in Australia, we know how to generate maximum market coverage targeted at genuine buyers through a variety of thoughtfully selected mediums and sales techniques. We will always work towards achieving maximum price for your property.

Each property is a unique proposition and every vendor has individual requirements which must be catered to. At Ray White Chermside we design marketing packages which start from just $100.00 and are completely tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Below are our 3 most commonly used packages which have been proven to deliver the results our past and present vendors have required; each have their own benefits and can also be adjusted to suit a client’s needs:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does $100.00 in advertising include?

  • Your property will be listed on over 10 of the most popular real estate portals, including, and
  • We have an ever-growing database of over 25,000 potential buyers, with varying requirements, budgets and locations; local, interstate and overseas. This database which is exclusively used by Ray White Chermside, will feature your property as a new listing.
  • Open for inspections and any appointments made by potential buyers.
  • Ample high-quality colour brochures will be produced for open homes and inspections; generally 200/250gsm A4 booklets with 4 pages and printed with multiple photo-quality images of the property.
  • Your property will be featured in our window display.
  • Your property will appear in our monthly property guide.

Do we offer any other advertising options?

  • We do recommend professional photography for each and every property we list for sale. Pricing for professional photos can range from $80.00 to $350.00, depending on quantity, dusk or daytime, ground shots or drone photos, etc. For standard residential properties (ie, homes, units and townhouses) we recommend 12-16 photos, which generally costs between $150.00-$200.00 for daytime photos.
  • We also recommend a professionally installed signboard. Pricing can range from $60.00 for a small sign, up to $199.00 for a photo sign with advertising text. For standard residential properties (ie, homes, units and townhouses) we recommend a 1200mm x 1800mm standard for sale sign, which generally costs $88.00 and is installed within 24 hours.
  • We can provide a list of additional ‘optional’ advertising items upon request. These include internet upgrades, newspaper advertising, Facebook advertising and many other supportive items.
  • Additional advertising upgrades can be recommended to clients, based on their individual circumstance, ie, should there be an urgency to sell within a certain time frame.

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